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Protect your people and ideas: identify attended and unattended guests, manage NDAs and legal documents right at check in.

User Experience

Your reception is your first touchpoint for every company stakeholders, don’t leave it to paper logbooks and inefficient communications.


First impression counts: make every visits special with a personalized check in experience and your own company branded app.


Manage efficiently reception tasks, save time and money focusing on what’s important and let Floux manage check ins for you.

Plug N' Play

Download the Floux app and start check in visitors instantly. Simplicity is our top priority and our team is happy to assist you 24/7.

Data Management

Floux stores data securely in cloud. Visitor lists and documents available at anytime from everywhere. GDPR secure and paperless.

Welcome to the
workplace of the future.

From real time notifications to Face Recognition check-ins, Floux ensure great
user experiences and world class efficiency for both visitors and hosts.

Our products have been chosen by world's leading companies

Awesome Features

Face Recognition check-in

Face Recognition and QR code system for pre-registered and frequent visitors. Fastest and most secure check in ever.

Centralized Management

A one stop web Dashboard to allow reception managers check visitor flows and details for any location at any time.

Real time Notification

Real time Sms, email or chat notifications to timely inform employee when their visitors have arrived

Digital signature

Ensure compliance and securely manage all your visitors documents stress and paper free.

Package Delivery

Notify hosts when a package has been delivered. Keep tracks of what go through your office.

Badge printing

Print visitors badge for each visitors as they walk in. Fast and easy as it sound.

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